Experiential Events

Experiential | Adjective (Oxford English Dictionary)

  • Meaning: involving or based on experience and observation
  • Origin: early 19th century: from experience, on the pattern of words such as inferential

People often claim that the concept of Experiential Marketing is a relatively new one. However its origins can be traced back to the earliest days of trade and commerce, with even the term being 200 years old.

Today though, in an ever more cluttered marketplace and with an increasing array of channels to interact with customers, brands have to change the way they communicate.

Experiential Events

So for your product to stand out from the crowd, it is more important than ever to engage consumers in both the emotional and physical sense.

Recent studies show, that there are real tangible returns attributed to experiential events and the creation of memorable promotional experiences. By communicating with consumers on a personal level, brands achieve a level of influence not found with other forms of marketing and one that consumers often prefer.

Whether a single event or national promotional tour, we can assist you to target the right audience via; Sampling, Road-Shows, Brand/Product Launches, Pop-Up, Festivals,Sponsorship Activation, Annual Regional Events, Media and PR stunts, Concerts and Entertainment.

Experiential Events
  • Increases brand and product awareness
  • Establishes and builds relationships
  • Demonstrates brand values and creates brand loyalty
  • Initiates consumer dialogue and conversation
  • Attracts publicity and media attention
  • Generates product appeal and aspiration
  • Promotes sales and encourages the return of unsatisfied consumers
  • Can be integrated into social media and digital campaigns
  • Provides brands with tools for analysis and evaluation